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Prom Dresses – Short or Long

Getting ready for prom..should you go for long or short on prom dresses? Just one of the many questions when you are planning your prom night. Long or short? Pink or black? Frilly or sleek?

How To Choose A Prom Dress?

Prom night is one of the most important events of senior year. The prom dress can be compared to a wedding dress regarding its importance in the grandness of the evening. So many pictures will be taken and you will want to look back at those pictures years later and know that you picked the perfect prom dress for you.

Get excited! Enjoy this part of the “best night of High School.” Its something you looked to for years and you want to make the most of it. My advice is to start early on the prom dress shopping because there are thousands of girls that will be hunting down the perfect prom dress too.

Here are some things to think about when picking the dress.

  • Consider your own individual style.
  • Your body shape has a lot to do with the style of dress you wear to prom.
  • What is the theme of your prom?
  • Choose a color that you look good in and that complements your features.
  • The hairstyle you’re thinking about.
  • How much is your budget for your prom dress?
  • What kind of trendy prom dresses are popular this year?

How Long Should A Prom Dress Be?

There are no specific rules regarding how long a prom dress should be unless the school has specific rules. Most school dress codes for prom will not allow a short dress that is micro mini. You will want to choose something you like and that you will feel comfortable wearing.

Long prom dresses are more traditional for a prom dress choice. There are elegant styles that are timeless. If you decide on a long prom dress you will get that chance to dress up like never before. It’s fun and exciting to dress up to the max.

Short prom dresses are chic and modern but depending on the style and material can still be quite fashionable for prom. There are a lot of short prom dress that are semi formal. Also consider the fact that you may have more of an opportunity to re-wear a short prom dress to another occasion in your life.

If you’re unsure of which length of prom dress you should wear, try a variety of both styles on. Regardless of the style you decide on, you should feel comfortable, beautiful and confident in what you wear for prom night.