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How to Create Beautiful Prom Hairstyles

How to Create Beautiful Prom Hairstyles

 When a girl feels her prom night is around the corner, a number of ideas come across her mind planning the best look on her big night. If your are such a girl dreaming of the most beautiful prom dress that you can find, consider that it will not look as great as it could be, if you forget the importance of prom hairstyles to accentuate your dress

Sexy looking up-dos, short hairstyles, long hairstyles, and even funky styles, prom hairstyles are a world apart to choose from right one for a stunning looking appearance on this special night. A balanced combination between your dress, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, and the magic of a perfume, are a just a few points of attention for a gorgeous look.

Many great prom hairstyles (even thought of hair extensions?)are created in the salon, but that does not mean that you cannot get astonishing results with a hairdo made at home by yourself or with the help of your close friends to achieve the hairstyle you want. You can find a good source of hairstyles through online photo galleries, and also browsing beauty magazines and catalogs.

Decide on the style that best fits your personality or the special look you want on your prom night. Sophisticated, classic up-dos are always great to wear on one the most important events of every woman’s life. Hair extensions are a great aid if your hair is not enough to design a fashionable style.

Prom hairstyles come also in long hairstyles and short hairstyles. You can always visit a salon if you are unsure of your choice, and make an appointment. You should call the salon at least one to 2 months prior to the prom to set your appointment. Many other girls will also be setting their appointments and you want to be sure to have yours. Jot down the date and confirm the appointment 2 or 3 days before the date to make sure nothing has changed.

Think of your personality, or the self-image you want to offer on prom night. Many young women want to look like an adult serious woman by getting a dress, makeup and hairdo that makes him feel like as if they were a total stranger to themselves, while others prefer to become that woman, leaving in the past, any teenage look.

The most important thing is be yourself. Consider also that short styles are more often associated with casual or sporty lifestyles, while long hairstyles are more likely associated with a sexy looking image.

Explain to your friends or your stylist what the exact look is that you want, and consider having a trial. Most salons gladly will guide you through many prom hairstyles until you find the right one, whether with hair extensions, up-dos, long hairstyles or short hairstyles.

Natalie Aranda writes about family health and beauty. Sexy looking up-dos, short hairstyles, long hairstyles, and even funky styles, prom hairstyles are a world apart to choose from right one for a stunning looking appearance on this special night.

Homecoming Hairstyles

Homecoming Hairstyles: The Updo or Don’t!

Many teenage girls will find themselves in the midst of a trauma when asked or nominated for the homecoming court. Next to prom, this is one of the most memorable occasions in a teen girl’s life. Much planning should go into the thoughts regarding homecoming hairstyles. After all, all eyes will be on you for those few moments, and as you grow older you will have the pictures as even greater reminders of years past.

Throughout the past several years, girls tend to look for homecoming hairstyles that are traditional and that offer them a sophisticated look. The most popular of these homecoming hairstyles is the “up-do”. Many stylists may offer their advice regarding your hair type and facial structure. Stylist’s may opt to braid, curl, tie, knot, or pin the hair in place. Variations of the up-do may incorporate hairpieces and hair accessories. Some girl’s may like to wear rhinestones and jewels to add glimmer and shine under the lights. Other girls may find themselves opting for up-dos that have sweeping and flowing locks. If you’re saying to yourself that your hair is too short for an up-do, never fear; hair extensions and hair pieces offer even the shortest of trends this up-do option.

One important factor to consider when contemplating the up-do is your facial structure. If your facial structure is round or square; wear your up-do high on the crown to elongate your face; if your face is thin and more rectangular; opt for homecoming hairstyles that are fuller on the sides and lack crown height. Depending upon your forehead height, you may wish to wear bangs. Girls that have longer foreheads need bangs; those with shorter foreheads may wish to wear their hair pulled completely back off the face.

Many girls find themselves thumbing through magazines and looking on web sites to find options for homecoming hairstyles. Some of the more popular web sites offer virtual styling; simply choose your facial structure, the length of your current hairstyle and click on different up-dos that fit. However, to ensure that a homecoming hairstyle is really right for you; you may want to visit the salon prior to the special event. There’s nothing like a “trial run” to ensure you that the choice you made was for the best.

More important, choose homecoming hairstyle’s that are comfortable and suitable for your personality. Due to the huge amount of changes occurring daily in a teenage girl’s life; the added burden of an uncomfortable homecoming hairstyle isn’t worth the pain and anguish. Sometimes simplicity is the best advice.

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How To Add Special Touches To Updos

If you want to create a special and dramatic look for that special occasion, the last thing you want to do is look like a cookie-cutter Barbie doll when it comes to your hairstyle. And the truth is that many of your formal hairstyles were probably just that, exact replicas of styles that were worn on every special occasion for years stretching back into time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can create a different and exciting new updo for each and every formal occasion even if you only know how to do one type of formal hairstyle.

You see, the key to creating a different look lies in the details. You could actually style your hair in a French twist without having the same look twice if you added special touches and elements to your style. Here’s how:

  • Straighten instead of curl – In many updos, the free pieces are curled with a curling iron. You can change your look simply by using a flat iron to sleek down these pieces instead of curling them up. You can even alternate using a crimping iron and flat iron to create a dramatic effect. 
  • Leave pieces free for effect – You can also experiment by leaving different pieces of your updo free. For example: try leaving a ½” section of hair around your complete hairline free from the updo. Pull your hair up into a simple pony tail. Then, take ½” sections of the free hair and crisscross it in a basket-weave style on top of your updo. Pin into place, and you’ve created a unique look with little effort. 
  • Use accessories – By using simple accessories such as hair extensions of a different color than your hair and ribbons, you can add a lot of interest to your updo. Simply insert small strands of hair or ribbon into your style to create splash of color and drama. You can color coordinate these with your dress or use natural colors that will compliment your hair color. 
  • Flowers – Inserting a small floral accessory into your updo is also a good idea as long as you don’t take it overboard. Choose very small flowers and use them sparingly. Using too many will make you look like a flower arrangement. Remember, accessories are used to compliment your style, not overpower it. 

In addition to these ideas, there are many more that you can experiment with. Just remember that small changes make a big difference when it comes to adding that special touch to your updo. So, even if you don’t have a lot of creativity and talent, you can still create breathtaking updos that will be envied by all who see them.


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Prom Hair Styles

As every girl knows, the prom is an excuse to really go overboard on the dress, the shoes, the accessories but the crowning glory of all is the hairstyle! A beautiful prom hairstyle is crucial for your overall appearance for the evening

There are many other ways make your prom hairstyle one to remember. Here’s the long and short of it!

Short hair:

Girls with short hair are lucky because their prom hairstyle will take half the time to do! Short hair is the best type if you want to have a really out of this world flicks at the nape of your neck – think funky pixie! All you need is some hair wax – apply a little and tease out the ends of your hair so that the style frames your face. Alternatively, short haired girlies can sweep their bangs to the side, and pin it with a pretty hair clip. This sophisticated look will work even better if you pick delicate hair accessories that coordinate with your dress and corsage.

Medium hair:

Those of you with medium length hair may think that there’s nothing interesting they can do with their hair. But stop and think; you’re actually the ideal length because you can make your hair look longer, or shorter, fairly easily. To make your hair look shorter, take small sections, and carefully twist them towards the back of your head. Pin the ends where you would normally have a ponytail, and tease the ends of the twists out away from your head to create cute flicks. To make you hair look longer, attach a quality fake ponytail, and fix your hair like the long haired girls…

Long hair:

You girls with long hair can chose from several prom hair styles. You could leave it down (flowing locks are always great). But if you want to pin it back, remember that it doesn’t just have to be a ponytail. Put your hair into a ponytail first of all – (your hair will be too heavy without that extra support, and the style is most likely to slip). Then take the ends of your hair and twist it or curl it, and pin it to the back of your head. You could even have lots of tiny plaits, intertwine them, and then pin them into a beautiful bun shape to form a kind of crown. Sensational!

Curly Tops:

Delicately curled tendrils work especially well if you have an off the shoulder dress. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, you can cheat! Use a heat protective spray, and carefully curl the ends of the hair into traditional ringlets. Not only will this new style frame your face but it will create quite an impact… curly girlies always look romantic!

If you do not trust others with your hair or simply do not know what style to choose from, follow the guide below to find an always popular and do-able hairstyle…. not to mention easy – and best of all…cheap.

The CLASSIC girl will brush her hair back in a tight ponytail leaving a small section of the pony tail underneath. Wrap what was left out around the pony tail holder. Use bobby pins to secure the loose hair, but try to keep them hidden. Remember that the tighter the hair, the less you will have to spend time restyling later that night when you’re having fun. Don’t make the ponytail either too high or too low, and use a little bit of hair spray – sleek it down with your fingertips to decrease any flyways.

If you want to go for the GIRLIE look, start with a small part to the side. Brush your hair back and to the opposite side of the part (below your ears). Tie your hair back on the side with a cute ponytail holder that matches your dress, and let your hair fall over the front of your shoulders. You can brush out some of the hair from the top so that it is loose and has volume. For those that have layers, let the shorter ends fall loose but keep them all to one side.

ROMANTIC is always a popular look for prom. The traditional style is to pull half of your hair up form your ears to the top of your head. Tie the hair back in a ponytail and divide the hair into small or large section (whichever you prefer). Twist the sections and tie them up, leaving the tips loose to flutter. Then secure with bobby pins (the more the better, as long as they are concealed). Leave the rest of your hair hanging straight (use a straightening iron if your hair is naturally wavy or curly) and use conditioner to eliminate frizz.

Whatever you do, remember the golden rules. No matter which style you choose, make sure that your hair is shiny, bouncy, and healthy looking. Avoid the temptation of fixing your hair with half a bottle of hairspray. Hair which is weighed down with too much product always looks crusty and dull. Remember, sophistication and coordination is the key. But I’m sure, whatever you decide to do, you’ll all look like the prom princess!