Prom Makeup


So, you’re almost ready. You’ve got your dress, shoes, jewelry, purse, and date! Now you think the only thing you have left to tackle is your makeup.

Now, I apologize in advance if I’m going to come across as a total party pooper, but here goes – you don’t need much makeup for prom! You’re going to be dancing – and sweating – on the dance floor for at least four hours, so the chances of much makeup actually lasting are slim.

Here’s what to do to instead.

  1. Start off with an oil-free foundation.
  2. Use a concealer wherever needed.
  3. Use blush if necessary.
  4. Apply mascara and light eye makeup.
  5. Touch on face glitter lightly if you’re going to use it.
  6. Dust with a light powder.
  7. Add a great matching shade of lipstick or lip gloss for a complete look! And remember to slip the lip color in your purse for later!
  8. When your face gets shiny as the evening progresses, don’t just keep caking on powder. (It’ll look gross after a while.) Buy some oil-blotting papers to take away that shine and keep you fresh! (Both Bath and Body Works’ and Shishiedo are highly recommended.)

Since less is always more, just do your makeup and go! You’ve got better things to be doing on prom night!

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