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How To Have a Fabulous and Memorable Prom Night

Prom is a night for graduating seniors to celebrate their twelve plus years of school. It is one of the last few times that your class will get together and have a good time. It is a time when you

Prom Night To Do List

The Essential ‘To Do’ List For Your Prom Night In the lead up to a once-in-a-lifetime event like your prom night, it can be easy to forget to organize something. The easiest way to prevent this is to plan ahead.

Picking a Prom Dress

Prom dresses are one of the main things on a teenage girls mind in the spring. They want the latest styles in prom dresses and they certainly don’t want the same prom dresses that their peers are wearing. Individuality and

27 Tips to a Successful Prom

Print out this checklist and follow it to ensure that you are ready for the Prom. Four Months before Prom: ___Set Budget – Find out how much money your parents are willing to contribute to your prom. Start to earn